Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Infosys unveils Cloud Ecosystem Hub as unified enterprise gateway to hybrid cloud environments

Infosys today launched the Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub so enterprises can better create, adopt and govern cloud services across a business ecosystem.

The move shows the demand for managing "cloud of cloud" services, and the rapidly growing need for gaining better control over hybrid services delivery -- for both businesses and cloud services providers. I think Infosys's move also shows that one-size-fits-all public clouds will become behind-the-scenes utilities, and that managing services in a business ecosystem context is where the real value will be in cloud adoption.

Infosys says that businesses can accelerate time to market of cloud services by up to 40 percent, improve productivity by up to 20 percent, and achieve cost-savings of up to 30 percent by using it's Cloud Ecosystem Hub.

A unified self-service catalog feature allows cloud services to quickly subscribe to relevant IT and business services across multiple environments. It also helps dynamically provision IT infrastructure and platforms across a hybrid cloud environment in minutes.

This solution allows clients to fully realize the benefits from the long-standing promise of the cloud.

The smart brokerage feature of the hub provides an enterprise-wide decision support mechanism to select, compare, and deploy cloud services from across providers. Decisions can be based on evaluation of over 20 parameters, such as quality of service, technology compatibility, regulatory compliance needs, and total cost of ownership (TCO) of application workloads.

The hub provides a single-window view of the enterprise cloud ecosystem and brings cohesion into what could be an otherwise fragmented IT environment – across private and public cloud. It also enables easy monitoring of cloud resource usage and optimizes utilization and provides consolidated metering and billing, enabling service chargebacks.

According to Vishnu Bhat, Vice-President and Global Head - Cloud, Infosys, "Our clients are dealing with complexities of a fragmented cloud environment. The Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub provides organizations a unified gateway to build, manage, and govern their hybrid cloud ecosystem. This solution allows clients to fully realize the benefits from the long-standing promise of the cloud.”

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