Monday, October 1, 2007

Software AG consolidates governance products for SOA

Software AG took the "big picture" view of governance for service-oriented architecture (SOA) with the announcement today of the CentraSite Governance Edition.

The approach aims to enable governance more broadly across the enterprise, with policy enforcement capabilities building on the webMethods Infravio X-Registry (acquired by SAG with Infravio earlier this year). Enforcement features are built directly into the platform, which offers a richer and more extensible metadata repository, a more intuitive Web2.0 interface, and wizard-driven templates.

While SOAs can help companies achieve much-needed business agility -- by flexibly arranging and repurposing existing and new IT assets, both from within and outside the enterprise -- that agility comes at the price of greater complexity.

One stumbling block has been the governance of SOA assets and processes, along with the ability to set, adjust and enforce policies. SOAs will require finer management of assets as they access and expose ever more enterprise data and interactions.

Encompassing both a UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration protocol), v. 3.0 compliant registry and a fully extensible, JAXR complaint (Java API for XML Registries) repository for maintaining associated metadata and policies, CentraSite Governance Edition can be implemented as the design-time, run-time and change-time governance platform for any heterogeneous environment.

It also acts as a policy hub for run-time enforcement with an integrated run-time policy enforcement point, webMethods X-Broker, and standards-based support for additional third-party applications used to mediate transactions betweens service providers and consumers.

A new feature in CentraSite Governance Edition, available now, is Active Policy, which automates SOA processes and simplifies end-user adoption. It is also pre-loaded with more than 80 pre-defined best practices that help streamline end-user adoption.

Other features include:

  • Unified lifecycle governance
  • Enhanced repository
  • Open metadata model
  • Enhanced change-time governance
  • Customized views
  • SOA federation
  • Standards support

Tony Baer at CBR Online sees Software AGs move along its webMethods roadmap as being "right paced" and even takes a look into the future:

"Software AG is moving very deliberately to execute on the roadmap for converging products from the acquired webMethods. With announcements right paced at about every four weeks, this is the second such announcement to come out of Software AG since it unveiled the roadmap back in August.

"The company is also being upfront, in that, while it is making the products look cosmetically the same at the UI level and in branding, it admits that the real convergence will happen next year. At this point, both have, or will have, common Ajax-based rich user interfaces. Both rely also on the JAR (Java API for XML Registries), so access in also via a common method."

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