Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ELC Technologies and FiveRuns join forces for Rails development

ELC Technologies and FiveRuns Corp. are joining forces in a strategic partnership designed to offer enterprises a broad scope of resources for Ruby on Rails, the Web application framework.

Both ELC Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA, and FiveRuns, Austin, TX, already have a strong presence in the Rails market. We're also glad to see RESTful Ruby.

ELC Technologies specializes in Rails-based business applications and agile software development practices. It counts such companies as, Cisco, Live Nation, MediaTrust and TuneCore among its client base.

FiveRuns delivers tools that allow IT managers to monitor the performance of Rails applications and their underlying infrastructure in production environments.

The two companies are collaborating on enterprise Rails deployments, which will be announced at a later date.

Jonathan Siegel, founder and president of ELC Technologies, explained the rationale for the new partnership.

We have repeatedly demonstrated the value of Rails for business-critical applications to the global companies we have as clients. However, one of the greatest challenges our clients face is monitoring and maintaining Rails within large-scale enterprise environments. Working with FiveRuns will allow our clients to easily manage their Rails deployments using FiveRuns' tools--and to demonstrate for themselves that Rails can deliver enterprise performance as well as shortening time to deployment.
I'm seeing a lot of enthusiasm for Ruby on Rails in the enterprise, and it's beginning to pull out of the exotic niche category into more mainstream RAD use, as fellow ZDNet bogger Joe McKendrick points out.

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