Monday, January 14, 2008

LogMeIn files for IPO, sets up the market for cloud-as-PC-support continuum

I see that remote PC services start-up LogMeIn is going to conduct an IPO on Nasdaq in the not too distant future, pointing up the vibrancy of the intersection of cloud computing and the personal computer.

And the encouraging growth that LogMeIn has enjoyed shows that cloud, remote maintenance and the long-term health of the PC are all quite mutually compatible, thank you. Microsoft has is right when they chime about "software and services," just as there will be for a long time the need for PCs and the cloud services that they will increasingly rely on.

So congrats to LogMeIn, they are a great bunch of folks. Disclosure: LogMeIn has been a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts. I am sure glad I had that chat about the Web as operating system way back when with Mike and Joe.

This intention of filing seems only the beginning of LogMeIn's next phase. According to the filing, LogMeIn plans to raise up to $86 million from the IPO, but this could change. It may not be that large of a sum, but it shows how Internet firms don't require the capital they used to to grow substantially. And there'a always the possibility of LogMeIn making acquisitions to fill out its services and support portfolio.

Nice thing about the LogMeIn services is that they straddle the consumer, SOHO, SMB and enterprise markets. The services can cut across them all -- adding value while cutting costs on the old way of doing things. Nice recipe these days. More telcos and service providers will need such abilities too.

As I've said, I expect to see more telcos buying software and services vendors in 2008 to expand their offerings beyond the bit-pipe and entertainment content stuff. If you can serve it up on subscription, well then do it broadly and monetize the infrastructure as many ways as possible.

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