Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tidal Software launches intelligent reporting for Enterprise Scheduler

Tidal Software has announced a reporting product that gives enterprises insight into the functioning of their job scheduling environment, enabling IT and line-of-business personal to make quick decisions in both IT and business environments.

Tidal Intelligent Reporting, designed to support Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, aggregates all the scheduler's metrics into a data warehouse and can combine information from multiple job scheduling environments, giving users an enterprise-wide view. This allows personnel to view performance across multiple sites and have access to comparisons between development, test, and production environments.

The product includes ready-to-run reports on production day status, job history, user activity, and audit reports. Users can customize these and create new reports to meet differing needs.

Automatic scheduling allows reports to run automatically, and users can view them in a browser or choose to deliver them to a PDF document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Word document. Users also have access to a report editor to modify and customize report views.

Security features include the ability to enact fine-grained authorization, segregating specific reports and views depending on an individual user's need to access certain information.

Last fall, I had the pleasure of participating in a live discussion on IT and SOA management at the Harvard Club of Boston with Jason Bloomberg, managing partner at analyst firm ZapThink. Moderating the discussion was Martin Milani, chief technology officer at Tidal Software, which sponsored the luncheon event. Jason and I explored how IT management will evolve in the world of service-based applications. [Disclosure: Tidal Software is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

The discussion delved into issues of new standards, how SOA demands that performance management and change management should augment and elevate the role of systems management, and on how the integrity of services delivery requires a deep and wide approach to "management in total" across a service's lifecycle. You can listen to the podcast here and view a complete transcript here.

Intelligent Reporting is currently available and supports version 5.3 and higher of Tidal Enterprise Scheduler.

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