Monday, May 12, 2008

SOA Software acquires respository and governance vendor LogicLibrary

SOA Software, a provider of governance solutions for services-oriented architecture (SOA), has acquired LogicLibrary, a leading SOA repository and governance vendor.

The acquisition of the Pittsburgh, Pa.-based LogicLibrary by Los Angeles-based SOA Software creates a more comprehensive SOA governance and automation solution, said the companies. The goal is to allow companies to accelerate their full adoption of SOA and rapidly deliver services for distributed and mainframe environments.

The merger underscores not only the SOA vendor consolidation trend (ongoing), but also highlights the market driver of more end-to-end governance and management aspects of SOA deployments. HP and TIBCO also had recent announcements that point up a wide and more automated approach to SOA governance/management.

We're increasingly seeing the means to relate the design time aspects of SOA with the runtime, or operational, aspects. This will no doubt be a big topic at the upcoming IBM Rational Developers Conference.

What's more, I expect to see more of this "total management" approach to SOA coming from the open source SOA infrastructure providers, too. The juxtaposition of SOA and cloud computing and wider use of server virtualization will also drive the need for better total management.

LogicLibrary's technology will extend its integration capabilities across both governed development platforms and governed service platforms. LogicLibrary provides a set of features with reporting and analytics capability focused on SOA development governance. Its products include an enterprise repository providing broad support and governance for development assets/services, along with deep integration and federation with IDEs and application-development point solutions.

The prevalence of services, both internal and external, in enterprise applications now requires companies to have an enterprise-wide SOA governance solution to ensure the integrity of their policies, the companies said. According to Alan Himler, chief executive officer and chairman of LogicLibrary:
“The combination of SOA Software’s governance products, with LogicLibrary’s strategy to provide federation with other leading repositories, creates a single solution that provides unparalleled lifecycle and policy governance across all major platforms.”
A year and a half ago, I blogged about the consolidation trend in SOA governance, and I raised the question of who would be next? While I listed the candidates in what I said was no particular order, SOA Software and LogicLibrary were in the top two spots.
So who’s next in the buy-or-be-bought sweepstakes? Likely candidates (in no particular order) include SOA Software, LogicLibrary, Progress, IBM, Novell, IONA, Red Hat/JBoss, HP, Cape Clear, Mind Reef, Rogue Wave, Cisco, Sybase, TIBCO, BMC, Borland, AmberPoint, Software AG, Composite Software, CA, Above All, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Sun Microsystems, among others.
There are still some names here that may need dance partners. Fortunately, the music has not stopped yet.

Software AG's Mik0 Matsumura has some more thoughts.

Service Oriented Enterprise also reports on the merger.

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