Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tidal offers 'Intelligent Automation' for Microsoft Exchange Server

Tidal Software has launched a new product aimed at automating Microsoft Exchange Server management. Intelligent Automation for Exchange Server enables IT to ensure that administrative processes are executed and managed consistently and that corporate policies are adhered to.

As businesses rely on Microsoft Exchange as a platform, not just for business messaging, but as part of their business processes, it results in more complex management requirements. These can often drain valuable IT resources and slow processes down to an unacceptable level, something automation is designed to alleviate. [Disclosure: Tidal Software is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

While IT departments could automate these processes through scripting, those scripts would lack policy-based controls, auditing, or privilege management, all of which are offered in Intelligent Automation. The new product also can help identify problems with email that originate in the client, network, or third-party tools, and which are sometimes attributed to Exchange Server.

Among the features of Intelligent Automation:
  • Assisted migration to Exchange Server 2007.
  • Standardized management processes for Exchange.
  • Secure self-service administration for Exchange, delegating many common add/remove/modify types administrative tasks to line of business users or HR through simple, automated processes.
  • Fully auditable, maintaining complete auditability for any administrative actions performed on the system.
  • Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 support.
  • Completely customizable with a powerful visual process editor.
Intelligent Automation is available immediately. More information is on the Tidal Web site.

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