Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Discussion features insights into using RESTful services plus a cool iPhone app

For a quick update on creating RESTful services, check out IONA Technologies' webinar moderated by yours truly. The recent webinar was part of IONA's "Open Source in the Enterprise" series, and is archived on their Website. (Note: free registration required.)

Included in the discussion is my introduction on how to increase value payback, followed by a presentation from Adrian Trenaman, distinguished IONA consultant, on creating RESTful services using FUSE.

Finally, Roland Tritsch, IONA director of services in EMEA, demos a really cool method for accessing RESTful FUSE services from the iPhone. [Disclosure: IONA is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

IONA has been making the news recently, especially the announcement just a few weeks ago that it was being acquired by Progress Software. A few weeks earlier, IONA released a set of enhancements to Artix Data Services designed to reduce risk exposure and operational costs.

Just over a year ago, I produced a podcast with Dan Kulp, principal engineer at IONA, and Debbie Moynihan, director of open source programs at IONA, in which we discussed the incubation Apache CXF project.

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