Monday, November 24, 2008

Clickability offers enhanced Web content management through SaaS media repository

Clickability, a Web content management (WCM) provider, has announced its Clickability Media Solution, designed to provide a centrally managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) content repository aimed at large media companies. The new offering will allow companies to manage all of their content for multiple Web channels from the single repository.

San Francisco-based Clickability currently partners with many of the world's largest media companies to develop revenue-producing online solutions, allowing them to manage large traffic spikes with no investment in hardware or software. The agility that comes from the WCM system allows companies to experiment and innovate without incurring additional cost.

To me, Clickability offers what really should be though of as cloud publishing and advanced media services. Consider that the more media firms that use common services providers like Clickability, the more they can gain common services -- including advertising or even lead generation.

Media companies can offload a lot of their publishing distributions and support services (used to be called circulation), and focus on the content, the audience and the media monetization model. Why should each publisher or title have their own web infrastructure?

In fact, Clickability provides service oriented architecture (SOA) for media companies, and via a SaaS and cloud model, no less. I'm beginning to see that getting to SOA via cloud and SaaS may become more common as economic conditions deteriorate. The cost-benefit analysis simply becomes too compelling. We've seen this approach work with blog publishing, but I think the model runs much deeper and wider.

What's more, under the media cloud model, the infrastructure provider can keep offering new services, such as social networking, advanced semantic search, mobile access, location-based services -- all at a fraction of what each publisher would need to spend to acquire such services on their own.

I also look forward to the day when cloud models start to properly analyze the audience, gain meta data inference on their needs and wants, and provide the information relevance that joins need to solution. At that inception point lies a whiole new business model -- better than advertsing, less costly that traditional lead generation.

Those days are coming and Clickability strikes me as a strong contenter for redefining media based on common infrastructure, lower total costs, and more granular services. Let the media firms produce the content and know their audiences best, while the infrastructure provider handles the common services and explores how to move to transactional-based monetization.

For now, with Clickability Media Solution, companies can begin this cloud ecology journey by tagging and annotating content for efficient search and reuse. They can also link and share content assets across channels and publications. The single repository lets companies create highly targeted micro sites or regional portals that rely on metadata to automatically populate them with appropriate content and contextual links.

Included in the solution are interactive features, such as social networking, blogging, video serving, ticketing, personalized calendars, site customization, and an on-demand ad server that ties to specific pages and sections in a site. It also integrates with a company's existing video platform.

Because it's a SaaS environment, customers can enhance their site and make improvements without spending time on writing new software or installing a dedicated infrastructure. This agility allows companies to take advantage of new opportunities in the market.

Clickability Media Solution
is available immediately.

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