Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SOA, BPM cozy up to desktop with TIBCO, OpenSpan partnership

A technology and business partnership between desktop solutions provider OpenSpan and TIBCO Software helps integrate TIBCO SOA solutions with desktop applications without requiring changes to the programs.

OpenSpan of Alpharetta, Ga. and TIBCO of Palo Alto, Calif. will partner on services-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM), and business optimization solutions. A number of products from both companies will be used to create broader solutions that provide fuller business productivity-level outcomes.

For example, TIBCO's Enterprise Message Service, a standards-based integration platform, brings together IT assets and communications technologies on a common enterprise backbone to manage the real-time flow of information.

The OpenSpan Platform extends the service by enabling a wide range of applications deployed within enterprise desktop environments to consume services and emit events.

TIBCO's ActiveMatrix, a service platform for heterogeneous SOA delivers service-oriented applications by separating the applications from the technology details. This separation enables companies to incrementally add orchestration, integration, mediation, Java and .NET for services to a unified runtime platform. The OpenSpan Platform enables any application, including legacy Windows, client-server and host applications, running on users’ desktops to become service-enabled and participate in TIBCO SOA solutions. [Disclosure: TIBCO is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

Together the products cover SOA infrastructure requirements while ushering the services to the prevalent clients. The proper paths for SOA workflows and processes out to the user has been a subject of much and varied discourse over the past few years. There is no right answer; the more the better. Even rich documents can be part of a SOA landscape.

The TIBCO iProcess Suite delivers BPM Plus, a unified approach to BPM that enables organizations to automate, optimize and improve any type of process – from routine tasks to mission critical, long-lived processes that involve people, information and applications across organizational and geographical boundaries. OpenSpan extends TIBCO’s BPM capabilities to the desktop.

TIBCO BusinessEvents, allows companies to identify and quantify the impact of events and notify people and systems about meaningful events so processes can be adapted on the fly to capitalize on opportunities and remediate threats. OpenSpan enables applications deployed on corporate desktops to be rapidly instrumented to trigger events.

Solutions-based approaches that leverage multiple vendors capabilities is a hallmark of SOA. It's good to see the vendors recognizing it.

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