Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CollabNet rebrands ALM product to better support distributed development and cloud applications

As companies are being drawn -- or nudged -- into cloud computing, tools are emerging to make distributed services lifecycles more secure and efficient. The latest entry into the field is CollabNet's newly rebranded TeamForge 5.2, which greases the skids for Internet-based software development and deployment.

Formerly known as SourceForge Enterprise, the Brisbane, Calif. company's flagship application lifecycle management (ALM) product now helps developers define and modify profiles and software stacks and provision these profiles on both physical and virtualized build-and-test servers, including from public or private clouds.

Users can access servers from CollabNet's OnDemand Cloud, Amazon's EC2, as well as their own private cloud implementation. TeamForge 5.2 also includes Hudson's continuous integration capability, allowing Hudson users to provision and access build-and-test servers from any of these clouds.

CollabNet also announced Tuesday a relationship with VMWare to help deliver an integrated development environment so independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers can use TeamForge and VMWare Studio to create applications for deployment in internal and external clouds.

CollabNet said it renamed its product to reflect the company's support of modern software development, and elevated Subversion management, across widely distributed project teams. We can expect that the cloud shift will move development to multiple cloud development and deployment environments, and so require heightened management and security capabilities. As platform as a service (PaaS) gains traction, complexity could well skyrocket.

Just as complexity in traditional development projects has benefited from Subversion and ALM, so too will the cloud-impacted aspects of development and deployment. I wonder when the business process management (BLM) functions and ALM functions will intercept, and perhaps integrate. Oh, and how about a feedback loop or two to services governance and a refined requirements update wokflow stream. Now that's a lifecycle.

TeamForge 5.2 also provides role-based access control for distributed teams via increased management visibility, governance, and control of mission-critical software in Subversion repositories. The new release provides granular, path-based permissions for flexible Subversion access control, said CollabNet.

Lastly, the Agile software development method gets a nod with the integration of the Hudson continuous integration engine through a CollabNet plug-in. TeamForge also supports a wide variety of development methods, environments, and technologies.

TeamForge 5.2 is available for download as a free trial at http://www.collab.net/downloadctf.

Research and editorial assistance by Carlton Vogt.

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