Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kapow delivers Web Data Server 7.2 to make BI easier to extract from across web-based activities

Aiming to meet the needs of enterprises building, testing and deploying web data services, Kapow Technologies last week released Web Data Server 7.2, the lastest iteration of its flagship software.

The update features a new design studio to develop, test, deploy and manage web data services. Developers can review collected data with any browser, and a Web-based scheduling interface allows for timing and automating data retrieval. Users can therefore easily develop and deploy automated processes, or "robots," said Kapow.

The value behind the updated version centers on real-time, actionable business intelligence (BI). Web Data Server 7.2 automates access to and integration with any Web data source, from Web applications inside the firewall to data stored in the cloud to data found across the Web. [Disclosure: Kapow is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

Serving the needs of both IT and line-of-business users, Web Data Server 7.2 saves time and resources in the quest for actionable BI by significantly shortening application and data integration project timelines.

The web-based data explosion

“The proliferation of Web-based data, both inside and outside the company, continues to explode, providing enterprises with remarkable potential to leverage Web data services for market insights and analytics,” said Stefan Andreasen, CTO of Kapow Technologies.

Web Data Server 7.2 offers some interesting features that could turn the heads of BI and social media analytics and trends gathering practitioners looking for a user-friendly solution that provides quick results.

Sneak peak at Web Data Server 7.2

Among the new features in Web Data Server 7.2 Design Studio is a Data Viewer that lets users see collected data within the Design Studio and load it directly into Microsoft Excel, perhaps the predominant BI results delivery interface on the planet.

The proliferation of Web-based data, both inside and outside the company, continues to explode.

In other Kapow developments, the Palo Alto, Calif. firm was recently recognized as a Laureate by IDG's Computerworld Honors Program.

Web Data Server 7.2 also offers Native XML Support, FTP and File System Interaction, new converters to XML, JSON and CSV formats, improved database functionality, enhanced production monitoring and more than 50 other improvements that significantly enhance the robot development, deployment and management experience, said Kapow.

Building on Kapow's mashups strengths, Kapow Web Data Server 7.2 includes updates to Kapow’s browser and Javascript engine to handle complex, dynamic web sources driven by Ajax and Google Web Toolkit. Finally, improvements were included in the browser-based management and scheduling console, including production monitoring and notifications, and new logging functionality for databases, Log4J and e-mail.
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