Thursday, November 17, 2011

HP experts to explore advances in service and support for highly virtualized VMware data center environments

Most enterprises, service providers and governments have ramped-up their use of virtualization over the past several years, with many impressive results. Those paybacks can only continue, however, if the overall service and support of these complex and dynamic environments keeps pace.

The problem of effectively troubleshooting issues across virtualized data centers consisting of many products from many suppliers is daunting. But there's an added element. The stakes have never been higher for keeping applications and business up and running. Indeed, a businesses' IT systems are increasingly the actual business itself. It's hard to separate them.

The stakes have never been higher for keeping applications and business up and running.

HP has made the service and support of global virtualization market leader VMware implementations a top priority. Keeping virtualized servers that support mission-critical applications and databases at top levels of performance 24 x 7 is a much different problem than for maintaining physical servers in traditional configurations. [Disclosure: HP and VMware are both sponsors of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

Indeed, advanced and pervasive virtualization and cloud computing trends are driving the need for a better, holistic approach to IT support and remediation. And while the technology to support and fix these virtualized environments is essential, the people, skills and knowledge to manage these systems is perhaps the most decisive element of ongoing performance success.

Live discussion

o find out more, I'll be moderating a live deep-dive discussion on Dec. 7, with a group of HP experts to explore how to make the most of the available people, technology and processes to provide an insurance policy against failure.

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Overall, you'll hear recommendations for how IT support can and should be done -- even amid a rapidly changing IT landscape of virtualized, hybrid and cloud computing. First in the hour-long multi-media presentation, is the inside story of how modern service and support works from one of HP's top services experts, Cindy Manderson, Technical Solutions Consultant for Complex Problem Resolution & Quality for VMware Products, who has 27-plus years experience with HP, and eight-plus years supporting VMware.

She will provide a short overview on the HP/VMware relationship and how the HP/VMware software support model uniquely enables always-on support for enterprises, service providers and governments. She’ll also present several case studies of how the HP Call Center global support process has solved problems in VMware environments.

After Cindy's chat, viewers will be invited to participate in the interactive questions and answer session with actual HP VMware experts. Moreover, both questions and answers will be automatically translated into 13 languages to demonstrate how service and support services know no boundaries, time zones or language barriers.

Leading these interactive sessions to answer the audience's questions live will be several additional HP-VMware support experts, including Patrick Lampert, a Critical Service Senior Technical Account Manager and Team Leader responsible for delivery and management of VMware Technical Services for Fortune 500 HP Custom Mission Critical Service Customers.

He'll be joined by Sumithra Reddy, Virtualization Engineer with HP Technology Services in the Global Competency Center, a 27-year veteran of software support, with a current focus on VMware. Other experts will join from Europe and Asia.

Register to reserve a place for this free HP Expert Chat on Dec. 7.

In sum, attendees will see how the breadth of virtualization is extending from servers to networks, desktop clients, storage, and mobile clients. All must operate in conjunction with the rest, especially as virtualized workloads come and go based on dynamic demand. This means that understanding how VMware and its ecosystem of vendors supporting these advanced environments relate. Problems in these environments must be solved from an over-view and neutral perspective, with all the interdependencies considered and managed.

So join the online presentation, discussion and question-and-answer sessions in nearly any major language worldwide. This is the first in a series of Expert Chats that I'll be moderating and that will tackle serious IT issues, with full global language support.

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