Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Red Hat ramps up virtualization drive for RHEL 5

The good news for virtualization just keeps on coming. Monday, we reported that start-up Desktone had gotten an infusion of venture capital and that Cisco was buying a chunk of VMWare.

Now, Red Hat's Emerging Technologies Team has a blog posting that shows how customers are using virtualization for fun and productivity in Red Hat's Enterprise Linux 5.

The team's blog pushes the idea of "para virtualization," a technology that offers high performance, but doesn't require special processor capabilities. The team feels this will help drive the adoption of virtualization more pervasively, so that para-virtualization will become the default deployment for Linux 4 or 5 applications.

The blog includes a quick-hit bullet list of the main points and, for those with more time and interest, a longer discussion, as well as a case study.

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