Sunday, July 29, 2007

TIBCO donates Ajax messaging bus to OpenAjax Alliance

TIBCO Software is easing the way for Ajax component interoperability with the donation this week of its core Ajax message bus technology to the OpenAjax Alliance (OAA) Hub project. TIBCO announced the donation today, at the same time as it released its PageBus, a related open source product.

What's in it for you? Well, besides the technological benefits, developers could walk away with a 50-inch plasma TV or a 30-GB iPod, if they enter -- and win -- the Ultimate Mashup Ajax Challenge.

PageBus applies "publish and subscribe" message bus programming patterns within the context of a single Web page, allowing communication among multiple Ajax components. This allows developers to create composite applications from reusable parts and services. All of this is designed to reduce development costs, improve interfaces over HTML and increase business agility.

The message-bus approach solves one of the key problems that comes from combining increasingly sophisticated composite applications. As the number of composite applications and mashups increase, the programming -- and needed event-driven reliability -- required can increase exponentially.

What's more creating client-SOA applications is easier because the same conceptual architecture -- publish and subscribe -- is used for both rich Internet client (RIA) activities as well as for compositing backend services. TIBCO says it has large banks and other users delivering mission critical, real-time data through SOA backends to scads of Ajax-enabled components on RIA clients.

Users get a quick, rich experience, while developers and architects gain flexibility and speed-to-deployment. TIBCO gains by riding the wave of increased demand for back-end SOA integration and messaging infrastructure to support the RIA ramp-up.

TIBCO, as a member of the OAA, is working with more than 70 companies to standardize key aspects of Ajax. The OpenAjaxHub 1.0, the group's first specification implementation, aims to provide Ajax interoperability through the publish/subscribe interface. The specification will formally be out in about six weeks, but the code is now at

PageBus is open source and can be downloaded. It's also shipped as part of the TIBCO Ajax Message Service.

The above-noted mashup challenge is a developer community project to build the world's largest mashup using PageBus and TIBCO's General Interface. The contest runs through September 30, after which TIBCO and co-sponsor Artima will award prizes for the best entries.

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