Thursday, September 25, 2008

Interview: From OpenWorld, HP's John Santaferraro on latest BI Modernization strategies

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Leading up to HP and Oracle's blockbuster announcement Sept. 24 of record-breaking data warehouse appliance performance, the business value of these infrastructure breakthroughs was the topic of a BriefingsDirect interview with John Santaferraro, director of marketing for HP's Business Intelligence Portfolio.

Now that the optimized hardware and software are available to produce the means to analyze and query huge data sets in near real-time, the focus moves to how to best leverage these capabilities. Soon, business executives will have among the most powerful IT tools ever developed at their disposal to deeply and widely analyze vast seas of data and content in near real time to help them run their business better, and to steer clear of risks.

Think of it as business intelligence (BI) on steroids.

At the Oracle OpenWorld unveiling, HP Chairman and CEO Mark Hurd called the new HP Oracle Database Machine a “data warehouse appliance.” It leverages the architecture improvements in the Exadata Programmable Storage Server, but at the much larger scale and with other optimization benefits.

The reason for the 10x to 72x performance improvements cited by Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison have do to bringing the “intelligence” closer to the data, that is bringing the Exadata Programmable Storage Server appliance into close proximity to the Oracle database servers, and then connecting them through InfiniBand connections. In essence, this architecture mimics some of the performance value created by cloud computing environments like Google, with its MapReduce technology.

To better understand how such technologies fit into the Oracle-HP alliance, with an emphasis on professional services and methodologies, I asked HP's Santaferraro about how BI is changing and how enterprises can best take advantage of such new and productive concepts as "operational BI" and "BI Modernization."

The Santaferraro interview, moderated by your’s truly from San Francisco, comes as part of a series of discussions with IT executives I’ll be doing this week from the Oracle OpenWorld conference. See the full list of podcasts and interviews.

Read a full transcript of the discussion.

Listen to the podcast. Download the podcast. Find it on iTunes/iPod. Learn more. Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard.

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