Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sybase moves to spur process modeling agility with latest PowerDesigner

Sybase today announced a new version of its PowerDesigner tools, a model-driven approach to crafting and implementing business processes.

PowerDesigner 15 provides modeling and metadata management through a Link and Synch technology, helping to increase impact analysis and providing greater visibility for business analysts.

The main goal, according to Sybase, is to create greater agility by breaking down the silos that currently wall off the various IT elements from each other and from the business goals. See my thoughts on my CEP is stepping up to the plate on similar values. And we've seen a lot of action on improving business process modeling lately.

Key features of PowerDesigner 15 include:
  • The Link and Synch technology, which captures the intersections between all architectural layers and perspectives of the enterprise.
  • An impact analysis diagram that allows visualization of the cascading impact of change and the management of time and costs associated with changes.
  • Customizable support for homemade or industry standards.
  • A repository Web viewer that allows sharing EA metadata with all stakeholders.
PowerDesigner 15 is currently scheduled to be available on Oct. 31 and ranges in price from $7,495 to $11,495 per developer seat. More information is available at the PowerDesigner Web site.

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