Wednesday, September 5, 2007

MuleSource fires up MuleForge collaboration site; Apache Tuscany team announces 0.99 SCA release

Collaboration is at the heart of open source, and in that spirit, MuleSource, which provides open-source infrastructure and integration software, this week launched MuleForge a Web platform that will allow developers to explore, download, test, and contribute to re-usable mule extensions.

With over 45 projects already on the site, MuleForge is designed as a development base for the Mule community, and offers tips, documentation, and other resources. It also automates building and compiling code, and collecting dependencies, which should save developers large amounts of time.

Among the projects already on the MuleForge site are a plug-in for AS/400 queuing support, a JavaSpaces integration package, and a session initiation protocol (SIP) connector for integrating data and services in VoIP and other telco applications. There is also a connector that allows real-time communications between and internal data sources.

Additional features include:

  • Source code control
  • Continuous builds
  • Issue tracking
  • Documentation wiki
  • Project statistics

MuleForge is also designed to provide community coverage for individual projects and gives access to hundreds of developers to further develop and test code. To sweeten the pot for potential contributors, Mule is offering individuals prestige -- a gift denoting "elite status" -- and the all important cash. Once a quarter, the developer who submits the best project will receive $500 and a spot on the home page.

In other SOA open-source news, the Apache Software Foundation's Tuscany team has announced the 0.99-incubating release of the Java SCA project. SCA is a set of specifications aimed at simplifying SOA application development.

The current release builds on the stability and modularity of the previous releases and includes more complete implementation of SCA specifications, support for distributed SCA domains, SCA policy, OSGi implementations, and pub/sub support. With numerous bug fixes, the 0.99 release is expected to be the last point release before the 1.0 version.

The release and further information can be downloaded from the Apache Tuscany team's Web site.

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