Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nexaweb and Kapow team up to bring Web-based mashups to enterprise desktops

Enterprise 2.0 vendors Nexaweb Technologies and Kapow Technologies have teamed up to smooth the way for bringing internal and external data into enterprise mashups and composite and other rich Internet applications.

By marrying Nexaweb's Web 2.0 Platform with Kapow's Mashup Server, the partnership will extend the reach of enterprises to take any application component with a Web interface and repurpose it into an application involving Web-based content, data, or business logic. This real-time access to wide-ranging data sources -- internal or external -- will give businesses the agility they need to become and remain competitive in an increasingly data-driven environment.

David McFarlane, Nexaweb COO, says the combined technologies will allow companies to peek out from behind the firewall. "External data, such as market quotes, politics, world events, weather, traffic, and third-party analysis and commentary can have significant impact on your business," McFarlane said. "They should be available to your workforce to help them make decisions faster."

Nexaweb's Web 2.0 Platform, a standards-based application development and deployment solution, allows organizations to tap into legacy, SOA (services oriented architecture), and third-party data to deploy Ajax-based business applications over the Web.

The Kapow Mashup Server, a Java-based solution, uses the Web front-end as the interface to integrate Web-based content, data and applications. Kapow uses the ability to access the web interface to create mashups at the user interface level (UI), at the application logic level, and at the data level. The mashup server also includes a highly-scalable, robust enterprise-class deployment framework and a visual design environment.

Tony Baer at Computer Business Review Online sees a wide range of opportunities from the partnership:

"That means that, besides data from database sources, you could now treat wikis, blogs, or other web document-centric content as first class data in for the data driven mashups that are more suited for enterprise use than presentation-oriented mashups that literally placed this style of development on the (Google) map."

Nexaweb and Kapow will be seeking customers for deals involving bundled capabilities, and are offering a discount for companies that sign up in the first few weeks of the offer.

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