Thursday, September 6, 2007

TIBCO revs up enterprise Ajax with General Interface 3.5

TIBCO Software gave a boost to Ajax in the enterprise last week when it released Version 3.5 of its open-source Ajax toolkit, General Interface (GI).

The new version of the award-winning package includes improvements to performance and tooling and offers such other enhancements as an integrated context-sensitive help system -- which TIBCO claims is "nifty" -- and reworked vector drawing APIs. When a developer creates lines, shapes and fills with the API, GI will render them as VML for Internet Explorer and SVG for Firefox.

Performance enhancements include faster data display and rendering times, as well as a boost in speed to make IE6 rendering nearly at parity with more up-to-date browsers.

As far as tooling enhancements, a new benchmarks toolbar gives file size, load time, render time, and HTML size, which allows developers to optimize early in the development process. A drop-in debug build can also alert authors of the need to optimize.

GI was voted Best Ajax Toolkit by Infoworld in 2006. Either the Professional Open Source Edition or the Enterprise Edition can be downloaded from TIBCO.

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